SEA CUCUMBER BODY WASH – With Dead Sea Salt 750ml

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Sea Cucumber Body Wash (750ml)

-Pure Sea Cucumber Extract (directly imported from Langkawi)
-100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel
-Dead Sea Salt
-Skin moisturizers
-High-quality, non-irritant skin fragrance

Sea Cucumber: widely known as gamat, it is commonly used for generations to heal and dry wounds

Aloe Vera: also dubbed as the miracle gel, aloe vera works with all skin types to promote regeneration and resurfacing of new skin, decreasing the appearance of scars and marks

Dead Sea Salt: eases and soothes skin irritations and flare ups

Sea Cucumber Body Wash
Suitable for daily use, it works especially well for those who suffers from a variety of skin diseases, and have open wounds and scars.

Cleanbest Sea Cucumber Body Wash soothes and refreshes your skin, giving it a soft touch with a delightful aroma.